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An Irrigation System is essential for a healthy, established lawn. In Tennessee, we live in a transition zone where we have cold winters and brutally hot summers. For turf to survive the hot summers, it needs plenty of water. Stop dragging around water hoses and join our customers who are overjoyed after installing our Wi-Fi irrigation system. We give you back 1-2 hours of family time each time your irrigation system does the work for you. Multiply that by 3 days a week, and that really starts to add up!

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The Right Solution for Your Needs

Did you know that overwatering and underwatering your property can both lead to costly problems? Premier Turf is ready to address your water control needs by seeking to find the best match of irrigation systems for your property and your budget. In addition to lawns, we can also zone gardens and wooded areas to keep them healthy. Because our installers take pride in their systems, they will ensure you are happy with your irrigation system and even adjust the watering schedules according to your yard’s seasonal needs.

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Our Diagnostic and Repair Specialist is an amazing problem solver! We bring your old system up-to-date with new cost-saving products. Whether it is service on one of our irrigation systems or “trouble shooting” on an existing system, you can be sure that Premier Turf will work to make the system its most efficient.

The Right Solution for Your Watering Needs

Our landscaping irrigation systems are sustainable and designed to lower the amount of water runoff while incorporating excellent drainage and maximizing water retention. Our watering solutions are effective, state-of-the-art, and eco-friendly. We’re proud of our ability to craft customized watering plans.

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