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Our passion for outdoor lighting is to create for you a lighting design that brings your vision, desires, and lifestyle to life for your home, properties, or businesses. We are constantly researching and testing the latest outdoor lighting products and “energy saving” innovations. We take great pleasure in servicing our satisfied clients with superior design and care, with a commitment to maintain and update their systems for years to come, all with a product and service guarantee.

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Outdoor Lighting Services Outdoor Lighting Services

Choosing the Right Lighting: LED vs Halogen

In the past, choosing between LED and halogen lights took little effort. For a professional look, tungsten-halogen outdoor lighting had no equal. LED, still lacking maturity, was of poor quality and provided inconsistent lighting effects at best. At worst, the LED landscape lighting fixtures would break or fail shortly after purchase.

Today, LED landscape lighting is now the preferred type. LED chips have improved greatly and prices have dropped. But the consumer still needs to beware. Not all LED lights are created equal. There are some that still have poor color, low light levels, and fail prematurely. Warranties are a pretty good guide. The typical LED garden light at a big-box store will have no more than a 1-year warranty (if that!). That doesn’t make much sense –– buying an LED light that’s supposed to last for 20 years but is only warranted for 1 year. The construction of these big-box LED fixtures is also very poor. This is why if you are serious about getting garden lights that will last in your landscape, you need to buy the well-engineered, durable brass light from a company like VOLT® Lighting. The lifetime warranty on every LED fixture and LED bulb tells you that these are some very robust products.

What if you already have landscape lighting fixture with tungsten-halogen bulbs? Should you replace them? Absolutely! The light projected from VOLT® LED bulbs is indistinguishable from your halogen bulbs. It’s easy to convert your existing system just by replacing your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs.

Outdoor Lighting Services Outdoor Lighting Services

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